4 Tips To Keep You On Track During The Weekend

The weekend really never come quick enough, and once it’s finally here you’re ready to throw on some comfy clothes, find a comfy place on your couch and binge eat the days away. While this lifestyle is easy, comfortable and tempting, it won’t ever help you achieve your fitness goals. The team at Zen 10 wants to provide you with some easy tips that will help you stay on track during the weekend.

Sleep Schedule

One of the perks of the weekend is being able to sleep in late. Unfortunately, sleeping in late usually throws off the rest of your day and makes the following week more difficult. Avoid these problems by sticking to your regular sleep cycle. Don’t stay up outrageously late or sleep in too late.

Eat Like Normal

Once you’ve settled into a relaxed or lazy mentality, the last thing you want to do is prepare a meal. It’s tedious, takes time and requires a clean up. Don’t let this mentality get the best of you! Prepare a healthy meal and schedule out your meals as if it was any other day of the week.

Get Outdoors

Taking days off is important to your fitness goals. If you decide to workout all week and take the weekends off, making an effort to get outside and go on a light walk can make jumping back into your workouts on Monday much easier. If you don’t take your weekends off, enjoy a longer weekend that isn’t as hard, but works just as much.

Make Time For Relaxation

Plan time, in advance, to relax during your weekend. Once you’ve booked your whole weekend with errands and chores, you’re less likely to want to take the time to go to they gym. By scheduling time to relax, as well as making time to go the gym, you are guaranteeing yourself a good workout, and time to recover.

Follow these few tips and you are sure to notice an improved mentality and ability to stick to your fitness goals. Weekdays will come easier as your body isn’t having to pull itself out of a horrible mental and physical state. Another great way to stay on track is by participating in any of the classes offered at Zen 10! Join our fitness team today!