December 9, 2015

FAQ Zen Fitness Classes

Question: I’ve never taken a Zen Fitness class before; what is it typically like?

Answer: Because most of our students train 5 days a week, it’s important that each class is different. This gives your muscles time to recover and prevents boredom. For sure you can expect some cardio, strength training, circuit drills, abdominal and core work, upper and lower body exercise and most importantly- RESULTS!

Question: I’m not sure if I will be right for this class…What kind of people go to Zen Fitness

Answer: One of the best parts of Zen Fitness is that people of all different fitness levels and abilities can take the class and workout together. You do not have to be athlete or physically fit to start classes. Your Zen Fitness Coach will help you set your own personal goals, and push you to grow and make yourself healthier. Some of our students are training for marathons while others are working out for the first time in a really long time – either way you will be challenged at a level appropriate for you!

Question: Nothing else has worked for me…What results can I expect from Zen Fitness?

Answer: It goes without saying that no two people are alike, so no two people’s results are the same. However, by following the Zen Fitness Nutritional Program and committing to five days a week some of the benefits our students have experienced include weight loss, increased energy, decrease in clothes size, abundance of confidence, and team building and camaraderie with your fellow Zenners.

Question: What if I have a specific injury and can’t perform a certain exercise?

Answer: Your Zen Fitness Coach will help you modify all the exercises and workouts so you can work in a safe way and still strengthen your body to get the best, most intense workout possible.

Question: Won’t I be sore working out 5 days a week?

Answer: Most people experience soreness, especially in the beginning. Remember, if your sore that’s a good thing – it means you worked hard!

Question: What do I need to bring to my Zen Fitness classes?

Answer: Absolutely. You should bring water (in your Zen FItness water bottle of course) and a sweat towel. Most of our students work out in bare foot; you can however bring a pair of brand new sneakers that are only worn inside of your Zen Fitness center.