December 15, 2015

Zen Fitness Feasterville

Zen Fitness Feasterville opened in September 2013. For the last three years we have been working hard to assist people toward their goals in health and nutrition in the Lower Bucks County area. Our class schedule is flexible and open for anyone looking to start their day in a healthy and positive way! Our class routine and workouts vary day by day so that you can push yourself, challenging your body differently each time without over-exhausting one particular muscle group or ever getting bored. We offer a wide variety of workouts combining cardio training, strength and resistance training, and full nutritional counseling and guidance. Our coaches work together to help provide motivation and accountability on a daily basis to give members a chance to achieve the results they are looking for.

Are you ready to transform your mind and body? If so, please give us a call with any questions regarding our program and start your journey toward a new healthier you!

Meet our coaches

Coach Danielle has been Feasterville’s head coach since May 2015. She has a background in different types of dance, holds a 2nd degree black belt in kenpo, and often involves herself in long distance runs such as the famous Broad Street run each year. She has a passion for helping people feel good about themselves and overcome obstacles. She strives to make each class fun, energetic, and challenging while helping you achieve your goals one step at a time.



Fitness Team Feasterville