Healthiest Foods On Your Table This Holiday

When you’re working on a weight loss goal, it’s disheartening to think you might not be able to enjoy Thanksgiving at it’s full potential. While we don’t want you to fall behind on your weight loss goal, or cancel out any of the hard work in your fitness classes, we want you to enjoy Thanksgiving! Zen 10 has done some research, and we want to share with you what the healthiest options on your table will be this Thanksgiving.

Turkey – White Meat

The dark meat is definitely a favorite to some, but the healthier option is definitely the white meat! You may have plans to burn those calories off later in the day, but that’s not the only difference between these two types of meats. Dark meat offers almost double the number of fat grams!

Casserole – Green Bean

Between green bean casserole and sweet potato casserole, green bean takes the win as the healthier option. Even with fried onions to top off this tasty casserole, green beans offer you a lower calorie option without the high amounts of starch that sweet potato casserole has.

Turkey Topper – Gravy

Here’s a pleasant surprise, gravy is actually the healthier option in regards to turkey toppers! When jellied cranberries are made, such high amounts of sugar are added that this turkey topper is not only lacking nutrients, but it is also incredibly high in caloric count!

Pie – Pumpkin

When it’s finally time for dessert, reach for a slice of pumpkin pie! With fewer calories and grams of fat, pumpkin pie offers a variety of nutrients from the pumpkin and less sugar. Also, whipped topping has a drastically less amount of calories and fat than a topping of vanilla ice cream!

Now that you know what your best options are this Thanksgiving dinner, you can eat easy knowing that you’re making the best choices of food! Once you’ve finally rested up from the festivities of Thanksgiving, visit Zen 10 for our weight loss and fitness classes here in Jamison! Have a happy holiday friends!