December 15, 2015

Zen Fitness Jamison

Zen Fitness Jamison opened in September 2013. Since then we have been helping people in Jamison, Warwick, Warminster, Warrington. Doylestown, Buckingham and New Hope achieve their health and fitness goals. All of our classes are in the morning for people who want to get their day started in a healthy, positive way. Classes are Monday through Friday, and class is a little different each day, so you never get bored and your body is always challenged. Our coaches excel at helping our members work to their fullest ability, whether they are professional athletes or have never worked out before. Our program combines cardio, strength and resistance training with nutrition counseling, motivation and accountability to help you get the results you deserve!

Contact us with any questions regarding our program or to start your journey to a healthy lifestyle today!

Meet our coaches

Coach Maddie has been the head coach at Zen Fitness Jamison since we opened in 2013. After earning a 2nd degree black belt in kenpo, she wanted to help others set and achieve their own fitness goals. She loves seeing members in class achieve more than they think they can every day. Known for her high energy and love of burpees, Coach Maddie will help you push yourself to the next level.

Coach Helen has been a Zen Fitness-certified instructor for a year and a half, and is also certified as a group fitness instructor by ASFA (The American Sports and Fitness Association). With her teaching background, it was a natural transition for her from participant to coach. She loves the camaraderie at Zen Fitness, whether taking a class or coaching. Everyone is there to help each other reach their goals and learn to live a healthier lifestyle. Her favorite part about coaching is seeing people excited about being there, motivated to work out, and proud of what they’ve accomplished. If she had a hand in making that happen for even one person, it’s a great day!



Fitness Team Jamison