One Muscle Group A Day

liftImproving your healthy and getting fit is a great lifestyle change, but the only way you’ll see results is when you take the time to determine what works best for your body. There are some workouts like our kickboxing class that will utilize all of your muscles, but other classes offered at Zen 10 allow for you to break down the muscles in your lower, and upper, body. Here are a few of the benefits of working your muscle groups on different days.

Body Shaping

When you spend time working the separate muscle groups, you have more control over the development of your body. If you want to spend more time building your leg muscles, or your core, you have the ability to. This also allows for your muscles to heal after pushing them during a hard workout, making the chances of an injury less likely.


Your body has a harder time changing when it gets in a routine. This happens when you do the same workout time after time or when you get on the same schedule. Working a different muscle group allows for more flexibility with the workouts that you do and the days that you do them on. Doing so constantly challenges your body.


While your workouts, lifting or cardio, should never be easy, it’s a different thing for them to be manageable. When you’re really working on improving a particular part of your body you have more opportunity to fine tune it when you dedicate a whole day to that body part.

Visit Zen10 for your fitness classes. We provide an upper and lower small-group fitness class on Tuesdays and Thursdays. While these classes do push one level of the body harder, they also incorporate a bit of full body workouts to ensure that your body is burning calories long after you’ve left the gym. Sign up for our fitness classes in today!