December 15, 2015

Weight Loss


Weight Loss

Weight LossAchieving weight loss can be a challenge. With all these “get thin fast” remedies out there, many fail to see that to truly lose weight and keep it off in a way that makes you look your best and feel your best, you need three very powerful key factors, all working together.

Proper Nutrition

We understand that no two people are alike, and their diets shouldn’t be the same either. That is why our Zen-10 Nutritional Program works toward being applicable to all of our clients, no matter their size, age, or gender. Because we believe that limiting yourself feels like punishment to your body, we designed our program to give you the satisfaction you want with the nutrition your body needs. Eliminating processed foods and focusing on adding quality whole foods to your diet is the best way we’ve found to do this. By combining the best of taste, nutrition, and fat-burners, this will finally be a nutrition challenge you’ll want to follow.

Effective Exercise

The key word here is effective. By actively engaging your body in a fun and exciting way, while making sure that no two days are the same workout, you will finally have an exercise regime that you’re excited for. Including the best of cardio, strength training, and mobility in different ways, you’ll get the targeted workout you need with the excitement you want, and you can do it all at the level you’re at in your fitness. Check out our small group fitness classes to learn more about our exercise program.


Even the most remarkable nutrition program combined with the best quality exercise program will mean nothing if you don’t have the motivation to pursue. Everyone at our gym has a different reason to be there, and we encourage you to find yours. For your kids, for you, for that little black dress or new suit you’ve wanted, finding that motivation and holding on to it is key to your success. We’ll do everything we can to help, from peer support to making workouts fun, but the rest is up to you!

Contact us today and see how Zen-10 can give you a new kind of fit. With our weight loss boot camp and fitness challenge programs, you will get the weight loss results you’ve been searching for.

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